1- Bullion Trading

Located in the heart of the Egyptian Bullion Trading market, we can provide our clients with the best possible bullion trading services in Egypt

We are the first specialized Bullion Trading company in Egypt. We do not deal in Jewelry, we do not deal in diamonds, we are strictly focused on bullion.

Services Offered:-

  • Buying and selling gold/silver on behalf of our clients
  • Casting Services
  • Third Party Assaying Services :-

Accredited local Assayers
Government Assaying

  • Real-Time price quotes for gold and silver in the Egyptian market vs. the International Market


Products of Bullion Rosche:- (For Pricing Chart, click here)


    • 1 Kilo Gold Bar
    • 1/4 Kilo Gold Bar
    • Small Gold Bars – 100g, 50g, 1oz, 20g, 5g and 4g 


    • 1 Kilo Silver Bar
    • 1/4 Kilogram Silver Bar
    • Small Silver Bars – 100g, 50g, 1oz and 20g 

2- Bullion Consulting

With over than 14 years in the investment field and laser focus on bullion for the last 3 years, we can provide our clients with a top notch bullion consulting service.

We can recommend a specialized wealth preservation strategy. As well as present to our clients all the bullion options available around the globe to assist them in implementing a sound asset diversification plan.

 -Bullion Seminars and workshops

Our highly trained bullion experts, are equipped to hold a highly informative bullion seminar and workshop to interested investors and prospective clients.


3- Bullion Custody

Bullion Rosche is in the process of starting its first custody service in Egypt.

Insured by one of the highly accredited insurance outfits in the world; like Lloyd’s of London. As well as audited by one of the most well know auditing firms; like Ernst & Young

Fully secured facility, with multi-reduntant security systems, starting with the latest security technology, and ending with the most traditional ones like a trained watchdog and armored personal.