About Us

THE FIRST SPECIALIZED BULLION TRADING COMPANY IN EGYPT.  We do not deal in Jewelry, we do not deal in diamonds, we are strictly focused on bullion.

Our Vision

To awaken from the financial misperceptions imposed by the financial system in the last century


Our Philosophy

  •  Complete transparency with all of our clients.
  •  Our complete fiduciary responsibility is towards our clients.
  •  We do not work for the deal as brokers, nor we work for our sole benefit like the dealers, we work for the client as their agent on the ground.
  •  We believe that our clients’ trust is our main asset in the business, hence will give that relationship our most care.
  •  “Real” businesses, like the bullion business, can only be run by “real” people, that can enjoy serving other “real” people.
  •  We believe in specialization.  Experts are only experts in one thing.  We are the experts of Bullion.